7-Day Southern Silk Road tour to Kashgar

Day 1, Turpan Tours

  • Today's Activities: Pick up you from your Hotel at 7:00am Local time and Visit Gaochang ancient city Ruins, Tuyuq village, Astana Tombs, Bizeklik Thousand Budha Caves, Flaming mountains and local family visit.

    Stay in Tupran

  • Day 2, Turpan to Korla

  • Today's Activities: In the morning visit Jiaohe Ancient City Ruins, Emin Minaret, Turpan Museum, Grape valley, old Mosque and Karez water System.

    After lunch drive to Korla and arrive in the evening and stay overnight

  • Day 3, Korla to Kuqa

  • Today's Activities: Drive to Kuqa after breakfast and arrive by lunch time.

    In the afternoon visit Kuqa Grand Mosque, Old city, Kizil Kagha Beacon Tower and Subash ancient city Ruins

    Stay in Kuqa

  • Day 4, Kuqa to Aksu

  • Today's Activities: Drive to Aksu after breakfast , on the way visit Salt Valley, Interesting Shaped mountains and Kizil Thousand Buddha Caves which is the second largest caves in China while the largest one is Mogao in Dunhuang.

    Stay in Aksu

  • Day 5, Aksu to Hotan

  • Today's Activities: Drive to Hotan Through Taklimakan desert highway . Along the way you can stop for photos or simply waling around as your like

    Stay in Hotan

  • Day 6, Hotan tours

  • Today's Activities: Visit Imam Asim ancient Shrine and Mosque in the desert, Silk Fabric, carpet workshops, Walnut king and stay in Hotan for overnight
  • Day 7, Hotan to Kashgar

  • Today's Activities: Drive to Kashgar after breakfast and stop in Yecheng and Yarkand for sightseeing and lunch.

    Arrive in Kashgar in the evening and stay

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