Astana Tombs

  • Tiananmen Square, Temple of Heaven, Kunlun Mountains are just some of the spectacular tourist spots in China. If you are a passionate explorer and wants to travel the innermost China, you should visit some ancients sites that has a long history like the Turpan Astana Tombs. The Astana Cemetery, also known as the Astana Graves is located at Turpan in XinJiang china, a few kilometers away from the ancient city of Gaochang. The cemetery covers 10 sq. kilometers of land and contains approximately 1,000 tombs.
    What's in it for you?
    If you are someone who is really interested to look in surviving ancient artifacts and well-preserved mummies, this is the right place for you. Compared to the ancient Egyptian civilization which we commonly see in books and television, the Astana Cemetery contains different ancient paintings, figurines and other objects from different countries like Chinese silk drawings, Byzantine coins and some from the Western civilization. Witness and relive our ancient history by visiting the infamous Astana Graves.
    Did you know?
    Ancient China is one of the most civilized country and considered the most powerful in Asia. Kingdoms like Joseon (South Korea today), Koguryeo, Shilla and other East Asian kingdoms are allied with China because of its natural sources, trading benefits (the popular Silk Road which is the trading route from China to Western countries) and military aid. It is also known as one of the cradles of civilization. How to go?
    It's not like you can go directly to the place. The Astana Cemetery in Turpan is a really big place. The best option for you is to find a Travel and Tours company that offer services to Turpan so you can go and see this spectacular historical place. Don'f forget to bring your camera to take memorable pictures on your tour and other important things when travelling!