Emin Minaret

  • Located in Turpan Xinjiang , China Emin Minaret it is not the largest extant tower but also the only famed and tallest Islamic tower amidst the hundreds found in China. In the 1750 after defeating the Zhungar Mongols, the Qin Dynasty conquered the larger Muslim region. The Uyghurs joined the Qin Dynasty for protection against the Zhungar and in 1777 the tower was built in honour of their leader Emin Khoja.
    Constructed by the local craftsmen it’s has an elegant Islamic architecture made out f wood and brick. However it also has a touch of Chinese features. At its entrance there are for instance Chinese inscription that explain the purpose of the building, at its side there are also Uyghurs inscription that give thanks to Allah. It has several large windows that ventilate and light up the interior. In the northwest of the Uyghur Mosque is where it’s positioned.
    A former Oasis in the Silk Road Turpan was an important transit point between the East and west. The crossroad of this exchange contains an extensive amount of Uyghurs structure that portray the inter mingling of different ethnic and religious groups. Such as the Emin Minaret. The lowest and hottest point in China it has been famed by its locally farmed grapes that are also a delightful treat that cover some pedestrian zones.
    A travel to Emin Minaret thus has more to offer than the said historical tower.