Flaming Mountains

  • The Flaming Mountain is one of the hottest geographical features in the world. It has one of the world's most famous tourist attraction site. this is due to its harsh but unique conditions, with various natural heritage. the mountain is situated on the northern edge of Turpan Basin. The mountain 10 kilometers eastwards to the city of Turpan, and stretches to about 100 kilometers from the eastern region to the west and about 10 kilometers from southern part to the north.
    Flaming mountain starts at River Liusha in the county of Shanshan it the east and end in the valley of Peach in the west. Located in the province of Xinjang, the mountain is red sandstone, eroded, and barren. the eroded sandstone rock has given the mountain a look of flaming fire. This feature in one of the tourist attraction aspect to the mountain, with many people coming across the world to view the flame-like view. it is situated 10 kilometers to the east of Turpan City, which is near the Taklamakan Desert to the northern edge. Taklamakan area is one of the harshest areas in China with a maximum temperature of 50 degrees Celsius.
    When merchants were still using the Ancient Silk Road, they used to avoid the Taklamakan Desert. The road is currently one of the attraction features for those who travel to the flaming mountain. The highest peak of the mountain is more than 800 meters high. Tours to the mountain is a form of adventure due to the mountain's amazing features such as valleys. Even though the mountain depicts harsh weather conditions, its valleys are bound with different types of plants and trees, which give them the natural condition quite different from other parts of the mountain. The most famous valleys include Grape, Peach, Shengjinkou, and wood valleys. Among the valleys, the Grape Valley is the best tourist attraction because it is the best grapes producing region in China. The green valleys add extra glamour and diversity to the arid Flaming Mountain.