Gaochang Ancient City

  • Turpan Idikut ancient city, also called Gaochang ancient city in Chinese, is one of the most attractive and best preserved archeological ancient cities in china. It has unique history that is enshrined in the culture of the locals. Basing realities on the Silk Road history, it has the best tourists’ scenarios, which one can wish for.
    Turpan Idikut (Gaochang) ancient city is located in one of the lowest points in the world, about 46km from Turpan city. Therefore, it is usually very hot during summer. Many people who have come to visit this place have admitted it be the most enjoyable historic scenario with marvelous archeological sites.
    This city Has an attractive historical significance along the silk roads in china, there are no thrilling sites as the Turpan Gaochang ruins which is one of the best destinations in Turpan for tourists from all over the.
    Historical written records have it that for more than two decades now, people have been occupying the Turpan Goachan basins. Among the attractive scenarios in this archeological site, are the Gaochan and the Jiaohe ruins which significantly represent the ancient sites of the past collapsed kingdom of china.
    Since the 14th century, the Uyghur has been the dominating ethnic group in this region of china. It is therefore very significant and essential for the people staying in the southern part on china as it has most basics of the culture. In the Uyghur neighborhoods are the beautiful Turpan Gaochang mosques with beautiful decorated walls.