Turpan Grape Valley

  • Famous for its massive fruit production, the Turpan grape valley has become a unique tourist spot where visitors come to get refreshed and enjoy the different varieties of fruits. This highly cultivated green valley is located between the famous flaming mountains, about 10km north of the Turpan Xinjiang province. This beautiful valley is 2 km wide at the canyons mouth and 7km long, in fact the region for grapes and all the other fruits is approximately 1,000 acres. On the western side of this valley there is a forest of intertwined grape-vines and around these grape farms towers vivacious poplar trees which are interspersed with some beautiful flowers.
    The grapes and fruits
    This region started farming grapes during the reign of the Han dynasty. And the grape valley is famous for a variety of fruits including grapes, apricot, pear, melon and peach among other fruits. And the fruits in this valley are actually sweeter than the others grown in other regions. These grape gardens are filled with trellised walkways which are covered with grapes from July to August (the peak season). This valley produces a variety of grapes including the black & red grapes and the mnaizi gapes.
    Within this valley there is a unique amusement park and various tourist spots and resorts plus a park. There are various tourist villas, restaurants, gardens and shops where you can purchase grapes, jams, and wine among other locally produced merchandise. There are some local carpets and handicrafts for sale, plus you can visit a handicraft factory and watch how these carpets are made. You can also enjoy the Uighurs entertaining the many organized tours in the restaurants and in their homes to this beautiful place. During the ancient times, traders passed this are as they went to the east and Turpan was the place where they traded rested and got provision. Nowadays individuals who are tired after touring the desert come to enjoy the grape valley their as a beautiful oasis.