Tuyop Village

  • Toyoq Village is not your typical travel destination. If you are looking for something different and a unique experience, then it’s the right placefor you! Located northeast of the oasis county-level city of Turpan in Turpan Prefecture, it is an oasis village in the Taklamakan desert. They boast a well-maintained Uyghur culture, which attract tourists from different places. Otherwise known as Tuyugou valley, Tuyoq Village is also famed for its delicious seedless grapes and a few ancient Buddhist caves used for meditation.
    Tuyugou is one of the early villages located in the People’s Republic of China, with an estimated existence of more than a thousand years. According to traditional stories, today’s Al-Sahab Kahfi Mazar is the site where seven young men were buried together with a shepherd. These seven lads were the sons of the King of Yemen who sought to find the origins of the sun, moon and everything on earth. This village is also a popular destination among Muslim pilgrims. Others even say that seven trips to this place may equal a trip to Mecca.
    There are several sights to see in this one of a kind destination. The well-preserved historic architecture, the Thousand Buddha Caves, and the Mazar will definitely leave you impressed. The Thousand Buddha Caves consists of 94 man-made grottoes. Its first construction could be traced back to the 5th century. Each cave has a room inside it that is decorated with even more Buddhas, and some paintings as well. On the other hand, the Mazar became well known among Muslims as they begin their haj here before setting off to Mecca.
    After being amazed by the sights and architectural landscape, you may now enjoy the valley’s most famous product – grapes and raisins! There are several varieties to choose from, freshly harvested or dried under the sun. Tuyoq Village may not be as famous as the Great Wall, but it’s surely worth a visit specially if you want to relax, appreciate original architecture, and travel back in time.